"Our goal for building our ERG was not about feel-good diversity efforts." 
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Julia Levy
Head of Global Talent Acquisition

It was not about checking a DEI box. For us, it was important to build a DEI network that could have real a impact on our work, our workplace, and our workforce. People were and are hungry for connection and community. DEI is an important way to make that possible for everyone.

"One critical element to success is definitely leadership support."
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Charissa Delp
Director of Logistics
Catalent Pharma Solutions

Having senior leaders who understand the value of the ERG and support its activities and mission can unlock funds and resources. It also increases membership just because they have big networks and influence. 

"At Visa, we trend towards more inclusion making events accessible to all and reaching out to allies and supporters in every way that we can." 
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Ivy Tao
Sr. Legal Assistant

Mgr, Engagement Office, ERG Membership: Mosaic Voices of Panduit

Visa is a company committed to diversity and building a workforce full of people with all kinds of backgrounds and experience. There is tons of intersectionality across the different ERGs as well. That’s another way we can build support and create awareness by leveraging other ERGs.

"The process of taking lessons, guidance, and even templates from companies and peers we admire saved Orion Talent a ton of time."
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Mike Wooster
Vice President Recruiting
Orion Talent

We branched out across our networks to explore what’s working and what’s not at companies we admired. Before long, we had rich data and insight and leapfrogged a lot of the early work by leveraging the work of others.

"Avoid the idea of pop-up DEI – something that’s done in a hurry to send a quick message to the marketplace, but not to build something that lasts and reverberates."
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Shanté Williams
Vice President, People and Culture
Orion Talent (Moderator)

At Orion, we’ve been taking careful steps to also make our ERGs legitimate forces of connection, culture, and change for our employees and business.