"You're always pushing yourself, you're always growing."
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U.S. Marine Corps - Corporal, Aircrew

I first came in there knowing little or nothing about healthcare diagnostics, but I was willing to learn as much as I could and that's kind of the nature of the beast with the consulting organization.

"Accenture definitely allowed me to grow as a professional." 
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Red Rock's Special Security Unit (SSU) Sergeant

Coming into Accenture as a junior military officer I didn't know a lot about financial services, banking, mortgage, and foreclosures. However, I had great team leads that came and allowed me to ask questions and learn more about our process, how to improve it, and some of our gaps, and learn more.


"I had a safety net of a support network in the background, helping me, encouraging me, and teaching me the right way to do it."
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U.S. Air Force - Captain, Financial Management Officer

I do think the experience I had in the military really helped prepare me to take on that challenge and not shy away and really just get the job done.