"Today, Canon Medical is empowering me to be their ambassador by serving others once again."

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Enrique Martinez

US Air Force, Biomedical Equipment Technician

As a former member of the United States Air Force, I've had the honor to serve our country as a Biomedical Equipment Technician.  When Canon Medical approached me for an employment opportunity, I was relieved to know that they translated my years of training, experience, and leadership as desired qualities for their organization. 

"I am very happy in my decision to work with Canon Medical and look forward to a long-term career." 

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Mark Teigland

US Military Veteran

The core values provide the architecture for a strong foundation that enables me to build upon my skills, knowledge, and experience.  This is a benefit to the company's success as well as mine.

"The Canon Medical service team is committed to our customers."

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Braden Nemechek

US Army, Sergeant, Medical Activity Department

Working for a company that partners with customers to provide the service solutions they need and with colleagues that are passionate about building strong relationships is truly rewarding. 

"I mostly enjoy my role at CMSU because of the team first/One Canon way ."
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Frank LaSpada

Director, Federal Government Businesses

My experience in the military has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in my current role at CMSU. I am able to actively contribute and make informed decisions for my team and clients, all while being taken seriously and feeling like an integral part of the larger effort.

"As an employee with Canon Medical Systems for 31+ years, my career has been very rewarding"

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Tevon Murachanian

Director, Human Resources | Community Corrections

At Canon, a large number of our engineers are veterans and as someone that interfaces with our engineering team, it is clear that our veteran team members bring with them a commitment to teamwork, tenacity, and excellence.