"Chemours is an inclusive organization where diversity is valued through the advocacy and allyship of leaders in a way that allows all employees to bring their authentic self to work."
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Tony Moral

Accounting Director

In doing this, our culture gives everyone an equitable opportunity to contribute to our shared purpose, creating a better world through our chemistry. 

"Diversity in the workplace allows us to tap into some of the greatest talent around the globe. "
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Reginald Betting

EHS & Fire Protection Specialist

Here at Chemours, creating an inclusive, balanced, diverse workforce is key to future innovation.  

"Diversity and inclusion are the driving forces for innovation and remain at the center of what we do here at Chemours."
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Kaylie Slomkowski

MT Sr. Associate Engineer

Chemours appreciates and recognizes all of the hard work that each employee contributes to this company, making everyone feel valued and understood.

"Diversity and inclusion are top priorities at Chemours and they permeate our culture."
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Megan Moyer

Sales Operations Analyst

It's important to maintain a diverse workforce to continue to innovate effectively, retain top talent, and understand the needs of our diverse customer base. 

"Diversity is an integral part of our company."
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Nicole Perez Lengel

Corporate Counsel

Chemours values employees' unique qualities and experiences and strives to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace, where all employees are treated with respect and are able to bring their authentic selves to work. 

"To be the greatest place to work, we must create a workplace of inclusion, diversity, and equity, where everyone is comfortable being their authentic selves."
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Alexandra Pierre-Charles

Community Relations and Philanthropy Leader, CBEN Co-Chair

Chemours is leading the way to a better ID&E culture in the industry!