"Here at ChenMed we grow better when we are all doing the growing."
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Terry Hamby

Talent Acquisition Sourcing Specialist, US Marine Corps - Sergeant, Infantry 0311

We are looking to build a larger Veteran community by hiring Veterans and their spouses for success in helping our Seniors obtain better healthcare.

"The mission, vision, and values of ChenMed resonate with those who have lived a mission-driven life."
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Luke Porter

Consultant, US Army, 68W, E-6

The push for a healthy work-life balance is also a key value driver for veterans who are still working through their transition.

"ChenMed is true to their mission and vision, and it is one that all veterans can believe in."
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Wendy Rewerts

Associate Director Clinical Recruiting - Division 1, US Air Force, MSgt (Ret)

I would love for other veterans to bring their integrity and values to ChenMed. 

"The most rewarding thing about a career at ChenMed is being able to help the neediest population."
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Justin Porter

Center Operations Manager, US Army, Combat Medical Advisor, E-6

Service members are taught to stick up for the underdog and to help those in need, and ChenMed without fail gives everything they can to do that.