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Employees: 46,500

Headquarters: Dublin, Ohio

Industry: Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Distributer and Manufacturer


At Cardinal Health, we realize that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are more than gender and ethnicity

More awareness. It results in a richer culture.

Realizing that a diverse and inclusive work environment is crucial to corporate success, Cardinal Health offers a variety of employee resource groups and courses that ensure the business practices in our workplace accurately reflect the communities and marketplaces in which we do business. In addition, we partner with organizations to reach candidates from a broad spectrum of disciplines and communities, as well as learn from their practices and perspectives.


Employee Resource Groups


Cardinal Health leverages your unique contributions, ideas and perspectives to create an inclusive work environment. We do this through Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) — groups of people who share interests, a common bond or background and offer support for each other. By leveraging ERGs, Cardinal Health is able to mirror our marketplace.

  • Asian Pacific American Network (APAN)
  • BOLD
  • Disability Advocates Network (DAN)
  • ¡HOLA!
  • Veterans and Military Advocates Network (VMA)
  • Women’s Impact Network (WIN)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Courses 


Cardinal Health offers dozens of training opportunities focused on inclusion for all employees, including:

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 201
  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • Creating an Inclusive Environment: LGBTQ
  • Equality and Diversity in the Workplace
  • Cross-cultural Considerations
  • Racial Injustice Playlists


DE&I includes thoughts, communication styles, interests, languages, values and beliefs, and a variety of dimensions. Diversity is what’s different and unique about each of us, and how our differences shape our workplace. Inclusion is the effort we make to ensure that each and every employee feels welcomed, supported, and valued as a vital part of our organization.


"I love that I can learn about our Disability Advocates Network one day and partner with an executive to learn more about being a great ally for our lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees the next. That kind of diversity and openness fuels my soul."




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