"A career at Enbridge offers a great sense of community, similar to that in the military."
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Hannalee Ebanks


Enbridge prioritizes diversity and inclusion, which allows for a positive workplace culture. They have allowed me to grow through the company, utilizing the skills and problem-solving thinking that I have learned during my military career.

"Enbridge is focused on bringing diverse candidates into the organization who can add value through their experience and background."
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Joshua Cuellar


Enbridge is an organization that values individual development, creates a culture of safety and trust, and provides opportunities to broaden your career.

"Much like the military, diversity is a catalyst for success."
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Will Hammond

Advisor, Safety

Enbridge is a great company, especially if you're looking for a challenge and a stable work environment. People from all places, races, creeds, colors come together and create an atmosphere that can only be matched in the service. It's the clear choice if you want to be successful and be a valued team member.

"Enbridge understands that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are paramount to the company's current and future success."
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Laura Lien

Line Crossing Technician

Work-life balance is valued at Enbridge. There is a commitment to safety that outshines other operators that I have encountered in my fieldwork. If you are looking for long-term employment opportunities Enbridge is not just focused on the immediate future it is looking ahead and taking the initiative to be here for generations to come; new initiatives bring new opportunities for everyone. 

"Enbridge is a socially responsible, innovative company and the work we do provides me with a sense of purpose."
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Stephanie Guerrero

Area Manager

Enbridge supports employee resource groups and diversity training and creates a safe space for candid conversations about diversity. I am very proud to work for Enbridge because of the energy and support the company is dedicating toward a more diverse workforce.