"My military leadership experience, discipline, and work ethic prepared me for small group projects and eventually leading data scientists and analysts."
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Andrew Chegwidden

Senior Data Scientist, U.S. Army Armor Officer (19A), Retired

My number one piece of advice for service members considering retirement or separation from the military is to have a plan before you transition. 

"I enjoy working for a family-oriented company and recommend Goodyear to other Veterans."
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Frank Martynowski

Mehanic/Mechanical Engineer, U.S. Army Instructor Pilot/Maintenance Test Pilot (W-3), Ret.

There are new opportunities in front of you - chase something that makes you happy.  

"I enjoy creating new ways to test tires and seeing the results used to help improve the next generation of designs."
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Gerrit Start

Development Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer Officer (12A), Ret.

Don’t downplay your experience. Your military experience truly is valued to most employers because it’s almost all leadership and people skill oriented, but you have to talk about it using civilian lingo.