"I believe diversity, equity, and inclusion are of the utmost importance for any company and I really appreciate the steps that Henkel has taken to prioritize DEI initiatives and support ERGs."
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Mai Crone

Senior Shopper Marketing Manager

As a Board Member of the Henkel Black Alliance ERG, and a member of PRIDE and the Asian American Professional Association, it’s been a privilege to have the opportunity to show my support as an ally.

"Henkel is a company that highly values the diverse talents, encourages their employees to be their authentic self at work, promotes a respectful environment, and holds a very strong work ethic."
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Carmen Brito

IT Business Partner

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is an important part of Henkel's culture and efforts towards DEI initiatives are in the top priority agenda, seeing the outcomes of actions towards DEI makes me proud to be part of Henkel.

"Diversity in all dimensions along with an inclusive culture is a strategic imperative for us to win the next 150 years."
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George Thomas

Sr. VP, Regional SBU Head

We are a company that fosters a highly collaborative, diverse, and inclusive work environment.  We challenge our people and provide them with ample career development opportunities.  We are an innovation-driven business with a high focus on sustainability, living our purpose to be Pioneers at heart for the good of generations.

"There is a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion starting at the top and flowing down through to the grassroots efforts of the many Employee Resource Groups."
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Melissa Hart

Vice President, Henkel Pride Adhesives

You can't truly quantify how valuable diversity is for Henkel. Without it we wouldn't be Henkel.  Diversity is the backbone of the company's Values. It enables us to be innovative, understand our customer, embrace our Family Business mentality, and more. 

"When we change the narrative of what equity looks like, we can change the playing field and give everyone a fair fighting chance to work towards their career goals."
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Trent Keel

Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Diversity is valuable to me in more ways than just a few. It is important to me that every individual regardless of individual differences in race, gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, and cognitive ability are granted access and a seat at the table. Often times companies shy away from being uncomfortable so they lean into hiring who and what feels familiar and that can be problematic.