"Always seek out and ask for greater levels of responsibility."
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Rob Zilch

Training Delivery Team Manager

Use the skills you developed during your time in the military and translate those to the new role that you’ll be filling in the civilian world. Always seek out and ask for greater levels of responsibility.

"Don't discard anything that you got from the military, it makes you valuable."
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Eda Beams

Manager, CommandCentral Training Delivery Team

The skills you have acquired over your time either in the military or as a spouse of a veteran are valuable and those skills can be translated to Corporate skills. Don't discard anything that you got from the military or your affiliation with the military. 

"Be proud of what you bring to the table and get involved within your organization"
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Monica Perez

North America Manufacturer's Representative Program Manager

Believe and trust your military experience. Your proven ethics and dedication already set you above the rest. Take advantage of your strengths. 

"Do not set limits on your potential."
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Mark Taraboulos

Sr. Program Manager

The discipline, team work, and experiences from your military background are a solid basis to build from and will help you be successful.

"Take time to plan your transition and find a career that you can appreciate."
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Jared Smith

Senior Account Executive

Find a veteran mentor in your organization who can give you advice as you transistion, and always remember the experiences from your service you can lean on in the corporate world to make you succesful. 

"Search for a postion that you can be passionate about."
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Andy Velez-Ojeda

Sr. Project Manager at 911 Datamaster

Adapting to a new industry can be both scary and rewarding at the same time. Finding fulfillment and making a difference in the world at the same time is key.