"Diversity and Inclusion is a priority for Panduit, and I am personally committed to making progress on this journey."
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Shannon McDaniel

Chief Executive Officer

Put simply, when we have diverse teams that are inclusive, they perform better resulting in greater innovation, engagement, business growth and performance. It creates an environment where all individuals feel that they belong, have a rewarding career, and can fully contribute.

"It is very valuable to work for a company that encourages, promotes, and educates on diversity across the organization."
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Sheena Page

Global Supply Chain Project Manager, ERG Membership: Mosaic Voices of Panduit (MVP)

It is important to see diversity at every level, to welcome change, and to challenge employees to think differently when it comes to growing the business.  

"Panduit is a workplace where they want employees to be accepted, share their opinions and feel like they belong."
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Mariam Okla

Mgr, Engagement Office, ERG Membership: Mosaic Voices of Panduit

This is a big reason why I have been with the company for almost 15 years. 

"Diversity and inclusion in the workplace provides opportunities for all involved from Employers, Employees and Consumers."
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Vincent Barone

Sr. Product Manager, ERG Membership: Empowering Women's Success Board Member/Panduit ERG Mentorship Program Coordinator

Having a diverse workforce where individual voices are included builds a culture of change required to innovate at all levels. 

"Diversity and inclusion are very important to me, so I greatly appreciate the level of focus Panduit puts on encouraging all employees to bring their unique set of skills to the workforce."
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Gina DeWitt

Sr. Project Manager, ERG Membership: Empowering Women's Success

As with many things in life, increasing diversity and inclusion is a process that does not happen overnight.  My advice would be to exercise patience, determination, and trust in yourself that your unique voice is not only important, but critical to advancing creativity and innovation in the workplace. 

"Diversity encourages new ideas and better ways of problem solving."
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Ronald Belcher

Senior Toolmaker, ERG Membership: Mosaic Voices of Panduit

Everyone’s combined experience and creativity makes Panduit a world class organization.