"We were throwing money at all the old standard recruiting approaches.'" 
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Mark Baudler
Corporate Director of Human Resources

It wasn't a core motivator for new hires, and was one of the moments when we started to break the rules of recruitment ourselves. We realized that we needed to focus on internal programs and processes. 


"For our team at Orion Talent, we have had to push ourselves when it comes to timing."
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Katie Mychalowych
Internal Talent Lead
Orion Talent

Based on talent supply and demand issues, we have rebuilt our process to make it a two-week hiring cycle from start to finish. That means the two-week clock starts with initial recruiting outreach and ends with a verbal offer going out.

"I think every business is unique based on the roles they are hiring for, so that needs to be the number one consideration." 
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Dan Cable
Talent Acquisition Supervisor
Vitesco Technologies

Our three-step recruiting process still makes good sense for management and leadership roles, but we had to trim it for others. The embrace of flexibility has been key.