"I was the first SkillBridge intern to be hired full-time through Orion Talent’s SkillBridge program."
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Tyler Werch

Former Surface Warfare Officer, US Navy, Account Executive

I loved that the program was remote and flexible, which allowed me to take care of things I needed to as I separated from the military.

"Being a part of Orion Talent’s SkillBridge program allowed me to form a 'bridge' between my active-duty military and a civilian career."
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Ben Mason

Reservist & Former Logistics Officer, USMC, Recruiter

There is A LOT that goes into leaving military life behind, and Orion Talent’s SkillBridge program gave me the flexibility to learn a new skill set but also have the time to work through my transition from military to civilian life. Orion Talent offers me a meaningful role with a team of passionate professionals, AND the flexibility of working anywhere in the country! As a bonus, I’ve been able to continue my service in the Marine Corps Reserves with a company that fully supports me.

"I knew when I retired from the Air Force that I wanted to be a recruiter and help people find jobs."
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Christina Burleson

Retired Flight Chief, USAF, Recruiter

The most surprising part of my SkillBridge experience was meeting a lot of veterans at Orion Talent who have not only guided me but mentored me as well.