"At Tenneco, we believe that a commitment to Inclusion, Diversity and Equity is a business imperative, not just the right thing to do."
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Deb Sinta

Vice President Global Talent, Inclusion & Culture

DEI done well allows us to: Become an employer of choice who can attract, develop and retain the best talent, Drive innovation and meaningful results through high performing, diverse teams, Develop leaders that champion a culture of inclusion and engagement, and Help strengthen the communities where we live and work.

"Tenneco's strength comes through the dedication and accountability of its employees that operate as a team and are focused on achieving their goals."
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Pamela Dow

Vice President Global Supply Chain

Diversity of thought and experience is incredibly important at all levels in the organization, and it's recognized at the most senior levels to sponsor initiatives and action to achieve our diversity and inclusion goals.

"If you help people be themselves at work and enjoy the work environment, everyone has equal opportunities to progress. "
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Sagar Hemade

Vice President Global Supply Chain

At Tenneco, the sky's the limit if you are humble to learn everyday, live the values, and contribute sincerely!

"Diversity, Inclusion and Equity are not just buzz words here at Tenneco. "
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Gulsu Law

VP IT, Clean Air Business Group

We strongly believe that D&I not only makes us a better company and enables us to better serve the communities we operate in but also it is a strategic differentiator in the markets we compete in. 

"The leadership team in Tenneco is committed to a diversity, inclusion, and equity culture."
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Verónica Martinez Zanatta

Mexico & LATAM, General Manager

I am an example of the culture and commitment of our leadership team. I am the first woman to ever hold the position of General Manager of LATAM and Mexico, I am latina from Mexico and have had the support from my direct supervisor as well as top leadership management to deliver challenging results as delivered up today.