"In 2023, I landed my dream career at UPS overseeing Veteran Talent Acquisition "
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Lloyd Knight

Veteran Talent Acquisiton Manager

My 20-year Air Force Career prepared me in so many ways including people management, leadership, communicating, public speaking, time management, and conflict management.

"UPS is very similar to the military, from the work structure to the people. It has been an absolute joy working for a company that strives to be the leader in the industry."
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Derrick Luzolo

Electronics Technician

There are programs that service members can take advantage of when transitioning from active duty to civilian life. I applied and was accepted into the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship.

"The most rewarding part about my job is working in the Government sector at UPS. "
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Kathy Brasher

Global Gov't Ops Mgr ll

I would recommend UPS as a place for all veterans to work because it is a great company with great potential for advancement.

"I started as a supervisor with UPS and 10 years later progressed to a manager and hope to get promoted to a Director before retiring in 2027"
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Tom Philpot

Corporate Security Manager

The values are the same. They give you the ability to do the right thing and not compromise your integrity when making decisions. With the right skillset and education there are no limits how far you can go. Our last CEO started as a warehouse worker and finished his career as CEO.

"After transitioning from the military a flood of emotions hits you like a tidal wave. One thing I wish I would have known is knowing that there's help out there in the world you just have to find it."
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Javier Rocha

Lead Talent Advisor

Since being with UPS, I've started to engage in a few projects surrounding staffing initiatives, hiring manager trainings, diversity and inclusion, and career counseling. This to me is an accomplishment. I get the opportunity to grow professionally with a great organization.