Employees: 20,735

Headquarters: Whippany, NJ

Industry: Agriculture, Pharma and Consumer Health


Why Bayer? 

At Bayer, we’re visionaries driven to solve the world’s toughest challenges. The women and men that serve our country know first-hand what it’s like to solve tough challenges. You embody our LIFE values: guiding with leadership, living with integrity, knowing how and when you need to be flexible, and pivot, and drive efficiencies in everything you do. Our unique identities and experiences are what empower us to achieve our inclusive vision, health for all, hunger for none. Explore how you can make an impact on our mission, Science for a better life, at career.bayer.us. You belong at Bayer.



"Even if your military role doesn't transfer exactly to a civilian role - like mine, for example - you can still learn things that are applicable."
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Compliance Learning and Communications Manager, Army Reserves - Sergeant, Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic

Being a sergeant, I learned leadership skills, how to prioritize assignments, and to deliver a project on time and on or under budget. Break down your day-to-day tasks and see how they apply to the civilian role that interests you.

"In the military, I learned how to work with and get along with people from all different walks of life, which has helped me as I've moved up in my career at Bayer."
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Quality Control, Raw Materials, U.S. Army Reserve - Sergeant Major, Director of Instruction/Quality Assurance Officer

I can work effectively with people with different personalities, work ethics and interpersonal skills so we become a team that produces great results.

"I love being part of a team at Bayer that helps feed the world and where I can use my scientific knowledge in agriculture to aid the U.S. Army."
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Scientist/Field Study Director, Seed and Trait Safety, U.S. Army Reserve - Captain, Agricultural Officer

The best part of my job is that it is different every day. Being a self-starter is important in this work, as is being analytical and detail-oriented while still seeing the bigger picture.

"Find yourself a purpose, one that inspires you and keeps you going."
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Senior Staff Administrator, Crop Science, U.S. Air Force - Master Sergeant, Information Manager

Military personnel feel a sense of purpose when they are wearing a uniform, and when that uniform gets tucked away in a closet, we tend to lose that feeling of purpose. I encourage you to get involved in a veterans program or a local charity that you feel passionate about.

"While specific tasks and environments vary greatly from daily work at Bayer, both require agility, investigation, problem solving, and being able to foster relationships with people of diverse backgrounds."
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Row Crops Stewardship & Compliance Lead, US Army - Military Police

Both require leadership, integrity, operational excellence and creative approaches to accomplishing goals. Both require the ability to understand and evaluate the ‘grey areas' and look for ways to mitigate risk and take action when required. Both require a passion for doing what's right and making things better for other people.