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Employees: 40,000 Globally

Headquarters: Regensburg, Germany

Industry: Automotive Supplier



We are very proud that our company values - Passionate, Partnering, Pioneering - are being shaped by our employees. This shows that we believe that our employees are the key factor for our success.




Our company values define on how we collaborate within the company but also what our stakeholders can expect when working with us.


Passionate: We are dedicated to bring in our experience responsibly.


Partnering: We work collaboratively and respectfully to reach shared success.


Pioneering: Curiosity and courage inspire our daily work.




Age, gender, nationality, cultural origin, sexual orientation, religion and beliefs make each of us unique. The unique nature of individuals creates diversity when grouped together. People bring different skills, experiences, strengths and talents. The visions of each individual inspire us. We can learn from each other and understand different perspectives. Diversity is our driving force for uncovering pioneering ideas, new products, and innovative solutions.




The committments and innovative ideas from our team members are the driving force in achieving sustainable improvements for our environment, and we look forward to adding more talented individuals to help us get there. 

Listen to our guest appearance on the #PeoplewithPurpose Podcast: 



"Diversity is essential when it comes to personal growth and innovation."
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Anand Gandhi

Director of Technology & Innovation in North America

Vitesco Technologies LLC integrates DE&I initiatives so thoroughly that it permeates our corporate culture and brings us together as employees.

"I am proud to be part of Vitesco Technologies and to work for a company that embraces the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. "
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Priscila Prince

Lead Purchasing Specialist, L.E.A.D. (Latinx Employees Advocating for Diversity)

As a member of the Hispanic and Latin Community within Vitesco, it is motivating to see how a company values the contributions, celebrates, and honors the different cultures in the workplace. 

"At Vitesco Technologies, I have met and worked with people from all around the world."
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Dounia Millimono

Project Manager - Electrification, REACH (Resources for Employees of African Culture and Heritage)

This made it easier for me to be who I truly am, to live in the fullness of my identity.  

"Diversity is very important and very valuable for our company, and I believe the people are our greatest asset."
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Joe Wright

Internal Materials Control Manager

When you treat people fairly, give them the opportunity to prove their worth, and provide them with the proper resources to do their job, the sky is the limit - this will lead our company to greater heights.


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